Who we are

Who we are

There are a few strategies you can use to reduce the loss of bees to swarming. The primary strategies include checkerboarding (rearranging of frames within a brood nest), clipping the wings of queens, and keeping the brood nest open. Gives us a call or come in to the store to learn more about each of these options and which may be best for your hives.

John Van Blyderveen, Owner and Beekeeper

John has been involved with beekeeping since he was a child, working alongside his father William Van Blyderveen.

John loves to learn and to teach. You will always find him willing to share what he has learned in his lifetime of beekeeping. Stop by the store for a free consultation about beekeeping.

Tricia Van Blyderveen (John’s Daughter)

Tricia has been helping her dad John with special events, like the observation days in the bee yard, local attractions and country fairs. You will also so her helping out at the store. Tricia also manages Oxford Honey and Supplies facebook page. Follow her at facebook to keep up with upcoming events, trivia, and nostalgic photos.

Amber Van Blyderveen (John’s Granddaughter)

You will see Amber helping her grandfather John with honey extraction or her aunt Tricia at special events like local attractions and country fairs.